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New website released!

Finally, after weeks of work (and years of procrastination) the new High Speed Dirt website is online!

We’re still working on it, to make it cooler and more interactive. We’ll also be adding pictures and videos of our live show, reharsal sessions, recording days and everything we’ll be able to find on our hard drives.

Wanna help us? If you have any pictures of us (or with us) and you’d like to see them on our website, post ’em on our Facebook Page, and we’ll upload them in our upcoming Media section!

Stay tuned for news about upcoming events and releases!

Shooting of the “Tragic Ending” videoclip has started!

We’ve just started shooting our first videoclip!

We’ve been on location for a first shooting session and, despite our total lack of acting skills, we succeeded in creating some very good material. There’s still tons of work to do, but we’ll keep you in touch about any progress.

In the meantime, here are some on-set pictures. You can find more in the Off-stage photo gallery. Enjoy!


“Playing Hard” available on ITunes!

Our first full-length album is finally out!

Join us and celebrate this historical event by checking it out in the dedicated page of this website, where you can listen to some of its tracks for free, or by buying it on the ITunes website!

Thanks to everyone that worked (and played) hard to help us reaching this awesome goal!

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